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The Gray Man by Mark GreaneyMark Greaney’s The Gray Man series will soon get a splash of color in Hollywood, with Brad Pitt slated to play Court “The Gray Man” Gentry.

Readers who have been following Greaney’s series will recall that Gentry is a former CIA operative and killer-for-hire. The script for The Gray Man movie was written by Adam Cozad, who also worked on the script for the Jack Ryan movie that’s coming out soon. (The movie based on Tom Clancy’s immensely popular Jack Ryan books will star Chris Pine.)

We’ve all built up an idea of how we think Gentry will look, but it remains to be seen how Pitt will make Gentry his own. In the movie, Pitt’s Gentry will have to fight off special forces teams from around the world, traipse through Europe, and save the lives of his handler and his handler’s loved ones. Sounds like a great movie already!

Earlier this year, there were already rumors that Pitt would take the role, but Pitt’s representatives had denied that the deal was in the bag. While Pitt has always been keen, there were timing issues to be resolved between Pitt and his partner, Angelina Jolie. This has now been worked out, and Pitt will wrap up work on World War Z in 2011, before getting started on The Gray Man in the first quarter of 2012.

The movie is set to begin production in January or February next year. It will be directed by James Gray. (I had to laugh out loud at that – Gray to direct The Gray Man. Heh!)

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